Monday, February 28, 2011

Freakonomics DVD Review

Freakonomics DVD Review

  I've had insomnia for the past week so I've been able to watch quite a few movies and TV programs the past week or so as my wife snoozes happily.
  If anyone is familiar with the book then this is simply a DVD with some different material hosted by the authors of the book. They also managed to snag some documentary filmakers into making the segments for them and this is where the film really shines.
  My favorite segment on people's names by Spurlock of Supersize Me fame although I did enjoy every segment in particular the one on corruption in sumo wrestling in Japan and the US crime rate drop resulting from the legalization of abortion. 
  I don't know if I could recommend buying this DVD because I don't think it will hold up well to repeat viewings but it's definetly worth the download, streaming, or rental.  I'll be keeping my copy but I know I won't pull it out as much as say a History Channel documentary. 

Paul's Rating - 3 of 5 stars. (cool star graphics coming later...)

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